Investigative Due Diligence

Companies face enormous risk when they explore business partnerships, new customers, mergers and acquisitions.

Standford West’s investigative due-diligence services help financial institutions; corporations, partnerships and individuals minimize risk and ensure success in all business transactions and dealings.

What We Do

Stanford West’s worldwide investigative experts and resources are renowned for uncovering and analyzing data that has a huge impact on business transactions.

Whether your company is involved in a merger, acquisition, joint venture, distribution arrangement or a similar business alliance, Stanford West’s investigators ensure that you possess critical, deal-related background information and operational knowledge before contracts are signed. Stanford West also provides advice to help you better manage identified risks after the deal is completed.

To arrive at its conclusions, Stanford West reviews incorporation documents and other public records, minutes of meetings, and statutory filings; annual financial statements and tax returns; major contracts; financial performance projections, and other data.

What We Investigate

  • Financial and operating history
  • Litigation involving the company
  • Unrealistic projections
  • Overstated assets and revenues
  • Unrecorded and understated expenses, liabilities, liens or judgments
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Unjustified personal and business reputation
  • Hidden ownership interests
  • Misrepresentations and non-disclosure of material facts
  • Management issues

Our Expanded Due-Diligence Services

  • Management styles and ethics of key executives
  • Corporate culture of potential alliance partners
  • Undisclosed business relationships that affect the potential alliance
  • Undisclosed real or potential liabilities
  • Other risks related to the potential alliance
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